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Enjoy your favourite music. Flexible Zone entertainment wireless audio system.


Welcome to the World of Sound

Sonos sound system streams digital music from the music libraries based on your computer or network storage device  connected to your home network. That is not all , it can also share music from a source connected to one of its units — a CD player, iPod, Sky/Virgin or any other audio source with RCA  -- to all of the other Sonos devices in your home.  

Power of Sonos products is virtually unlimited, you can stream music to play on your Home cinema AV receiver, on powered speakers placed in any room in the house, or on portable Sonos ZonePlayers equipped with speakers.  

Before, whole-home music solution would require in-wall controllers, wall or ceiling speakers and lots of complicated control panels.
Now, Sonos systems are  well structured perfect to integrate into new project or even upgrade existing sound system.

typical sonos architecture



In Celing Speakers

KEF manufactures high performance speakers for home cinema, hi-fi and installation applications.

Purpose-built for flush mounting, the Ci Series delivers KEF audio quality as unobtrusively as possible - and since all models are designed to withstand harsh environments such as bathrooms or even outside (under the eaves), there's virtually no limit to the design possibilities they open up.

Many models employ KEF’s exclusive Uni-Q technology to provide consistent sound coverage throughout the room that will greatly enhance your enjoyment of music or home cinema.

And with KEF's simple and ingenious mounting system, you'll also find them amazingly easy and rapid to install.





Stand- Alone Speakers

Play 1

Small box which plugs into your router making Sonos speakers wireless so you'll need one if you don't already have a Sonos system. Alternatively you can plug in an Ethernet cable.
As with other speakers, the Sonos Play 1 looks great and has exceptional build quality. It's simple, sleek feels like a premium product with a reassuring amount of weight. It comes in the usual black and white options.
The speaker is mono rather than stereo but that's a perfectly good compromise for small spaces where you otherwise wouldn't fit a speaker. If you do have more space then you can buy two Play 1 speakers to create a stereo pair – this does, of course, double the cost.
The speaker has a 3.5in mid woofer and tweeter, each with a dedicated Class-D amplifier. Sound is rich and detailed but with only two drivers it doesn't reproduce every frequency perfectly. It naturally covers mid and high range well but isn't so powerful in the bottom end.

Sonos Sound Bar

Sonos has always done things its own way. It doesn't care about bouncing beams or 5.1 surround sound. When the Playbar first came out, there was nothing quite like it - and there still isn't.
While the claims that the Sonos Playbar introduces ‘hi-fi sound’ to your TV are little over the top, as this review will make clear, this is a very nice sounding unit, and while it’s simple, it does a heck of a lot more than most soundbars, too. That’s because, at heart, this is a full Sonos unit. That means it gives you access to massive amounts of streamed music.

Sonos AMP


The Sonos CONNECT AMP (formerly the ZonePlayer 120) is a next generation hifi device. Just add your choice of speakers and this wireless wonder will bring superb quality music to any room in your house. Amazing flexibility and top-notch performance make this a must for digital music lovers.

With an integrated 55 watts per channel amplifier, all you need is a pair of speakers and a network-connected computer or music server to get started with your wireless music system.

Once one part of your Sonos system is hard-wired into your router, the Sonos wireless mesh is established and the rest of your Sonos equipment is free to go anywhere in your home. Running off it’s own network means you can play back different music in each room, or the same music perfectly synchronised in all zones, with no drop-out in connection and without draining your home broadband.

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