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UK Channels

If you are interested in English language channels from UK there are a few options:

  1. Subscribe to sky ( give us a call and we can arrange everything for you)
  2. Watch only Free channels trough same satellite (Astra 2- 28 E ) - Freesat


Please note:

  • Small satellite antennas are normally used to receive strong satellite signal.
  • Zone 1 dish is widely used in UK for receiving signals for Sky Digital and Freesat from AstraII- 28E satellite.
  • LNB (front part of the dish) can be : 1,2,4,8 outputs.
  • Standard satellite receiver used min 1 feed compared to recordable satellite receiver which use 2.
  • Therefore if you using SKY+HD box you will need 2 feets to be able to gain full capacity of the box. You still can use sky+box on one feed but the recording section will be restricted. In other words while you recording you will be able to watch only what you have previously recoreded,but no other live TV channal.


Foreign Satellite Channesl

There are viriety of channals available for free, some of the most popular satellite are: HOT BIRD- 13E, Astra 1 -19.2E, Bard-26 E and more.

There are channals available from All over the world :

  • German, Italian, Bulgarian, French, Spanish, Greek
  • Arabic, Muslim
  • Chinese, Japanese


*If you are particulary interested in any channal/s please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Normally satellite systems are organized in follwing options:

  1. One dish one receiver - one channel only ( still can be distributed to more than one TV but the same channel only )
  2. One dish two or more receivers, when you would like to have indipendant channels from the same satellite.
  3. One dish more two or more satellites - this system is possible , but is also restricted in the satellite selection , call or email for advice.
  4. Motorize satellite system- this is the most flexible system and can allow you to watch more than 6000 channals from all over the world.
  • Motorized dishes are best solution when required channals are positioned on more than 2 satellites or the satellites position are far form eachother.

Big dishes are used to receive signals from satelites like:

  • Recommended sizes 1-1,2m dish= Arabsat(26E);Nilesat(7W)
  • Recommended sizes 60cm-1m dish= Hotbird(13E); Astra 1(19E) 

Commercial Services

Whether you are a private landlord a commercial builder, a local authority, architects and consultants or perhaps a housing association Gsatv have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.

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