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Weather you would like to upgrade your existing TV Aerial or have a new one installed, we at Gsatv will be able to advice you which is your best option.


  • Digital TV is with us for many years, since last year there is no more analogue terrestrial tv. If your TV is not digital you still can use it by adding digital receiver.
  • It is essential to have quality tv signal to receive seamless unbroken digital picture. If your TV aerial is located in the loft you probably will have to have new one installed on the chimney or on the side of the house.
  • In many cases TV Aerial is in a good condition but quality of the picture is poor. We have full expertise to identify the issue and get the system back to normal.
  • We have been using following terrestrial antennas.
  • There are standard and HD freeview boxes.
  • HD freeview box will give you option to receive and record Terrestrial SD/HD channels.


XG10 Digital HD High Gain TV Aerial LTE ready 

xg10 digital hd



Fracaro sigma 6 TV Aerial

frucaro sigma



Televes DAT HD

televes dat hd



The first 4G at 800 MHz services launched on 29 August 2013. There is a small chance this may cause disruption to Freeview services. In the majority of cases, an at800-approved filter will resolve any disruption and enable you to continue receiving and watching Freeview as normal.

block filter for dtv

Commercial Services

Whether you are a private landlord a commercial builder, a local authority, architects and consultants or perhaps a housing association Gsatv have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.

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