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What can you expect to have as a service by seeing the faceplate on your wall:

standard tv socketStandard TV Socket - isolated (can't be used to control sky boxes) or non-isolated (does pass 9V and can be used for home distribution system with sky). In most cases socket like this will give you Terrestrial TV signal only (Freeview) or combination of freeview+ local sky box(s) with TV-Link (mouse).



tv fm socketTV/FM socket - designed to split TV signal and Radio signal. It is isolated and can not be used in distribution system with sky boxes. You can have Terrestrial TV (Freeview) or FM/DAB (digital audio broadcasting- digital radio).




tv fm sat socketTV/FM/SAT faceplate - type of socket are used by older communal system where sky digital most popular box used to be a standard (single feed) satellite receiver.There are 3 signals coming out trough single cable: Satellite(sky); TV (freeview); FM/DAB. You can use standard and sky+ box, but remember: sky+ box has to be connected via single coaxial cable to Dish Input 1 and single feed mode has to be switched on!!!


sky plus socketSat1; Sat2; TV; FM/DAB; return socket - has max 3 wires and if it is fully connected it will provide the following services: Terrestrial TV (freeview) / Sat1 and Sat2 and in some systems optional 3rd satellite (normally Hotbird), FM/DAB. Return is used in most cases to send signal from living room to bedroom.

Commercial Services

Whether you are a private landlord a commercial builder, a local authority, architects and consultants or perhaps a housing association Gsatv have the competence and expertise to deliver on all of your IRS requirements.

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