Smart Home solutions are now available.

Technology is so deep into our lives, that will be regretful  if we dont use it  in our favour as much as possible whenever and wherever we can.
Whether your buget will allows you to deploy basic or complite smart system within all available modules, we can advice you and get your dream come true.
We are currently working on a few projects :

Current Projects
1. "Lillishaw Roas" South London for Arilian Properties LTD
- TV/Satellite 5 rooms
- Sonos Sound System - 5 zones
- Network
- Telephone
- Door Entry


2. Raans Farm,Amersham, Buckinghamshire
- TV/Satellite - 10 points
- HD over CAT6 distribution (ready for matrix)
- Telephone System
- Network


3. Marlborough Place, St Johns Wood

- TV/Satellite
- HD over CAT6 with 4x4 Wirestorm Matrx
- Sonos Wireless Sound System - 4 Zones , main zone with subwoofer and playbar
- Door Entry System - BPT