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Mission Statement

1. Our aim is to add value to our business. We have three goals:

- To stay align with latest tehnologies.

- To deliver high quality service.

- To become first choice on the market.


Gsatv Ltd is a developing company in digital and smart home systems and has been in the audio & video (AV) business for over 10 years. We have started with simple satellite and TV Aerial installations and coaxial home distribution systems with remote sensors on multi room level.

We have designed and installed number of Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) over coaxial or fibre, with one, two and more satellites. As preferred partner we have decided to expand our range of services, therefore we have introduced HD distribution over CAT xx Wires, Fibre Optic Distribution systems, CCTV systems, Door Entry systems, Lighting control and more. Our prime idea is to offer to our clients the complete solutions.

GSATV Ltd is also involved in many construction projects in partnership with companies as Keepmoath and Apollo Group, Triton Restorations and others.

We are proud with our after sales and maintenance services, where we do systems upgrade and on the go repairs. In many cases we work even after or before normal working hours. Some of our clients as Hospital of “St John and Elizabeth” do appreciate our flexibility.

Many of our client are Estate Agents or Developers, some of them are with us since we have started our business. We have developed "moving in" services especially for Landlords and Agents where new tenants can seamlessly continue their way of living.

There is no too small or complicated job for us. We always try to personalize to maximum our installations.


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